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Customized Solar Energy Solutions

Family owned and operated out of Encinitas California, Pure Solar Power specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of turnkey, solar electric systems throughout San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties. Our customer commitment is to provide the highest quality solar power systems, at the best value, with industry leading installation techniques.



Our system customization is based on your energy independence vision and property specifics. Before sizing your solar electric system, we look at the current energy use conditions of the home or business and produce an energy saving recommendation list for the property. By eliminating waste and inefficiency, with often times, very simple and cost effective solutions, we offer the highest efficiency, highest value, solar energy systems for our customers. You can also be sure that we will help guide you to maximizing all federal tax credits and state rebates.

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Future System Expansion

Gaining energy independence with the installation of a solar electric system is a huge step towards sustainable living. You’ll be able to power your home or business and with the next generation of electric vehicles you can dramatically reduce your annual vehicle fuel bill.



We consider your homes’ current electricity consumption needs and make sure you’re prepared for future expansion or an addition of an electrical vehicle. We size the wiring for your system larger then the minimum requirements of your systems design. The benefits of increasing the wiring size are that the wiring loss degradation is lessened and you will be ready to easily add more solar electric power in the future.

Highest  Quality Equipment

There are hundreds of module manufacturers, dozens of inverter and racking manufacturers, along with plenty of launch products on the horizon. You could literally spend months researching these products trying to figure out the “best” solution. We vet our product selections based on a number of criteria including company financial strength, research and development investment, independent industry testing, dollar per watt value, market feedback and our own product experiences. We are continuously researching products throughout the solar industry and look forward to sharing our findings on any industry related topic. For more information please press here for Solar Equipment and Technology.

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