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Highly Qualified Personnel

Jeff Konek: Owner, estimator, conservationist 


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company. Pure Solar Power is a culmination of two interests which I’ve been passionate about throughout my life, conservation and construction. Nothing that I have done in my construction related professional career over the last three decades can compare to the excitement of helping someone realize their vision for energy independence. We at Pure Solar Power share a common vision for a cleaner, more efficient and affordable energy future. The way we use energy threatens our planet and has become an ever increasing financial burden. Think of the choices we make every day as small steps, in either a positive or a negative direction. Positive choices, in the aggregate, have a deep reaching impact and can make a significant contribution to renewing our planet. You wouldn't be alone if you feel overwhelmed by what actions one can take to contribute to a healthier living environment or choosing wise financial energy investments. We welcome the opportunity to help prioritize and make sense of these many choices. From lower cost forms of energy conservation and optimization, to owning a solar power system that secures your energy independence, while at the same time providing a very attractive return on your investment. 

Paul Cruz: Solar system designer, inventor


Electrical Background: Throughout Paul’s childhood he had a fascination with mechanical equipment and electricity, probably cultivated by the fact that his father was a master electrician and C-10 license holder for nearly 40 years in San Diego. (Guadelupe E. Cruz, GE Cruz Electrical). Paul began helping his dad with electrical projects at age nine and wired his first home solo at age fourteen. By age sixteen he could handle nearly any electrical project, eventually concentrating primarily on commercial applications, as he found the work a bit more challenging. Some of Paul’s higher level trade skills include, industrial high voltage transform, industrial 880 high voltage five wire open delta, switch gear, relay and voltage transfer systems and hot stick. Throughout most of Paul’s life, while his Dad’s business was in operation, Paul worked either full or part time for his business. For the last several years Paul has concentrated his electrical expertise towards the field of invention. For the last three years Paul has worked with the engineering department at the University of San Diego, in close relation with Dr. Clark Guest, head of the electrical engineering department. Paul and the electrical engineering department at UCSD have worked together on several of Paul’s electrical theory based inventions. Paul currently holds patent #11542954 and #11906690, which are under the category of shock proof electrical outlet. He also has seven other patent pending electrical based inventions to date. We are very fortunate to have Paul designing and supervising our solar system installations.


We offer our knowledge, passion and experience


From Jeff and your friends at Pure Solar Power

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