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  • Financing Options

    Our new zero-down, partial down and pre-paid solar lease options put solar within the reach of any homeowner, even those without the resources to make an upfront investment.  

    • Lower Your Monthly Expenses

    • 20 Year Term and Performance Guarantee

    • Zero down option eliminates up front payment

    • Pre-paid out of pocket significantly lower than cash sale

    • No property equity required

  • Solar Electric

    Own a high quality solar electric system for less than you are currently paying for electricity.  

    • Save from 35% to 60% on system purchase

    • Earn return on investment from 10% to 35%

    • Invest in a safe and cleaner planet

    • No sales commissions. No Franchise Fees. Low Overhead.

    • Industry leading design and equipment installation

    • Real time system monitoring

  • Testimonials

    In the Words of Our Customers ...  

    Our policyholders choose us for many reasons, including the trusted advice we offer, the personal service we provide and the commitment we show to our local communities. Following are recent examples you've shared of how we're meeting your needs.

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  • Solar Basics

    Solar Basics & FAQ's

    What does renewable energy mean?
    Our planet has a limited supply of fossil fuels, like petroleum, coal, and natural gas. This supply will someday run out if we continue to use these traditional energy sources like we are today. In addition to being non-renewable, fossil fuels emit harmful greenhouse gases into the environment which poison the air, water and soils of the earth. Renewable energy refers to energy that is generated from a renewable source, in other words a source that does not have a limited supply, like the sun and the wind.

    What are Photovoltaics?

    Photovoltaic technology (PV) uses solar cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity. 

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  • The Job Process

    Rest assured that we will walk you through each step of the Solar Installation process: 

    • Initial phone/web contact

    • Initial Site Evaluation

    • Energy Audit

    • Formal Proposal

    • Necessary Paperwork

    View Entire Process here

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